Antique Anterior View of the Skull Hanging Canvas Print
Antique Anterior View of the Skull Hanging Canvas Print
Antique Anterior View of the Skull Hanging Canvas Print

Antique Anterior View of the Skull Hanging Canvas Print

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My obsession with skulls truly knows no bounds BUT lots of them don't 'live up' to my shapely standards. This one, however, is as perfect as they come. I've included some images of this radness in my own home so you can see how it looks in real life! It adds just the right amount of 'spooky' to my Halloween decor. (Find my Halloween Decor Guide here.)

It's printed on premium quality, artist-grade canvas using archival, pigment-based inks. The black wooden frames contain strong magnets and easily cling together around the canvas and feature a faux-seude hanger.

*Please note some colors may differ slightly due to various monitor and printer settings.


We offer custom framing made by hand here in the USA! Our expert framers use responsibly sourced, custom cut wooden frames of the highest quality.

Each framed print includes:
UV-shielding plexiglass, which protects against about 89% of UV rays and 92% of light transmission
Custom cut acid-free 4-ply white mats with beveled edges
Archival acid-free foam core backing
Protective paperback finish
Wall bumpers
Hanging hardware + nails
Hanging + care instructions

*Please note that all frame orders take a minimum of 3 weeks to ship.


Paper size: 8” x12” ; Image size: 7.75” x 11.75” (1/8” border)
Paper size: 10” x15” ; Image size: 9.75” x 14.75” (1/8” border)
Paper size: 12” x 18”; Image size: 11.75” x 17.75” (1/8” border)
Paper size: 16” x 24”; Image size: 15.75” x 23.75” (1/8” border)
Paper size: 20” x 30”; Image size: 19.75” x 29.75” (1/8” border)
Paper size: 24” x 36”; Image size: 23.75”x 35.75” (1/8” border)
Paper size: 30” x 45”; Image size: 29.5” x 44.5” (1/4” border) 
Paper size: 36” x 54”; Image size: 35.5” x 53.5” (1/4” border)
Paper size: 40” x 60”; Image size: 39.5” x 59.5” (1/4” border)

Print: 8” x12”
Total Framing: 9” x 13”

Print: 10” x 15”
Total Framing: 11” x 16”

Print: 12x18
Total Framing: 13” x 19”

Print: 16x24
Total Framing: 17” x 25”

Print: 20x30
Total Framing: 22” x 32”

Print: 24x36
Total Framing: 26” x 38”

Print: 30x45
Total Framing: 32” x 47” 

Print: 36x54
Total Framing: 38” x 56”

Print: 40x60
Total Framing: 42” x 62”

FRAMING w/ 1.5” MAT:
Print: 8” x12”
Total Framing: 12” x 16”

Print: 10” x 15”
Total Framing: 14” x 19”

Print: 12x18
Total Framing: 16” x 22”

Print: 16x24
Total Framing: 20” x 28”

Print: 20x30 
Total Framing: 25” x 35”

Print: 24x36
Total Framing: 29” x 41”

Print: 30x45
Total Framing: 35” x 50”

Print: 36x54
Total Framing: 41” x 59”

Print: 8” x12”
Total Framing: 15” X 19”

Print: 10” x 15”
Total Framing: 17” x 22”

Print: 12x18
Total Framing: 19” x 25”

Print: 16x24
Total Framing: 23” x 31”

Print: 20x30 
Total Framing: 28” x 38”

Print: 24x36
Total Framing: 32” x 44”

Print: 30x45
Total Framing: 38” x 53”

3" matting is not available at this time for prints larger than 30" x 45". Please reach out for custom orders.


All print only orders can expect to be shipped out within 3-10 business days of being placed. USPS First Class Mail arrives within 5-7 business days. UPS Ground arrives within 1-7 business days.
All framing orders will take a minimum of 3 weeks, plus shipping transit time. 

International shipping options are as follows:
USPS Priority Mail International
USPS Priority Mail Express
UPS International Economy
UPS International Priority.

Customer is responsible for all customs fees and taxes.
We ship framed images internationally up to 30″ x 40″.

For a list of countries we ship to, click here.

R E T U R N S & E X C H A N G E S
Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns or offer exchanges for any photography in the print shop. Additionally, once an order is placed it cannot be cancelled.

For questions or concerns, please email


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